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You manage a production company or perhaps a marketing business. Maybe you are a designer or photographer. In any case, we understand the creative process takes time and mental focus, don't spend it fretting over your finances and how much you have to pay in VAT or corporation tax.

Dealing with us feels symbiotic – like a natural fit. Our clients don’t particularly like numbers, which is why they need us. And while we understand numbers, we’re also interested in what you do. It works both ways.Focus on your next great creation and leave the number crunching to the specialist accountants at Tax Concept. We are creative too, only to increase your profitability and develop clever strategies to help your business or career.

Let us manage the administrative duties while you brainstorm and design your next great artwork, make a breakthrough on an important script, or sit down with your client to make sure they're getting exactly what they need from you.
We can help create a easy-to-follow strategy for growing your business, saving on tax, and even helping you reach customers or work abroad while still making sure HMRC isn't playing an obstructive role in your process or future.
As a creative of any kind, you and your business can face unique challenges, but accounts, taxes and financials need not be amongst them. A personalized and detailed plan awaits you at Tax Concept; let us find what works best for you.

Top 5 things we hear from our clients:

"You know, my previous accountant told me I am a hobbyist."
"No one ever told me this before."
"I finally get it now!"
"You've just explained that so much better than my last accountant."
"Thank you so much!"
What our clients are saying

“As a freelance creative in advertising, I’m often working with multiple commissions on the go which means payments are often staggered and from different clients. Fortunately Ivelin not only capably handles my accounts, he stays up to date on the latest information on the advertising industry to help better prepare my accounts and ensures everything is processed with no issues to HMRC at end of each tax year. He has been my accountant for over 5 years and I couldn’t recommend him more highly.

“Dario Attanasio  

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We create a plan and confirm the specifics of what is included and the costs involved.


Move forward into accounting that is personal, flexible and proactive.

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