Setting up a new business presents many challenges. Friends and relatives might tell you that your idea is great and it’s going to be a success, but from an accountant’s point of view there is a list of necessary steps to make sure that your project is well grounded and can be turned into reality.

Whilst generating new customers for your business is undoubtedly crucial, securing your business on the right tracks, with the correct financial structures in place from the very start, will ensure that you operate in a lean and tax efficient way.

We offer free informal meeting at which we will judge your ideas constructively, providing solutions to all your queries, help you think in a way that would prove to be beneficial for your future venture and give your business a head start with the best advice that your new venture requires.

We will review your business plan and provide advice on how best to manage your accounts and bookkeeping. You will come away from this meeting with plenty of tips and information to help you decide upon your preferred trading options, understand the financial records that you should maintain and appreciate how to run your business most efficiently for tax purposes.

After the meeting there is absolutely no obligation on you to instruct Tax Concept as your accountant. To arrange an appointment please contact us at

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